At a recent meeting we discussed potential service projects and how to choose what we could do. Here are some questions for consideration (courtesy of the Rotary Leadership Institute):

1. Can a Rotary Club do anything to help?

2. If so, can Rotarians do "hands on" or help? Remember that we are business owners and professionals and most important - Volunteers - there are limits to what we can do "hands on" - but "hands on" is can be more meaningful than just writing a check.

3. How much funding is required? Fundraising?

4. How can the project be designed? What is needed?

5. Will the project generate good publicity for the Club?

6. Can the members be "sold" on the project? Consider that unless the club "buys into" the idea, it can turn into a committee of one.

7. Is this a one-year project or a continuing project?

8. What other community resources are available or what other organizations should be involved?

9. What are the steps necessary to move forward?

The plus side to service projects is that they get members active and  involved. Membership becomes more than just coming for lunch and wonderful programs. Projects also introduce Rotary to the general community. Remember that Rotary is the best kept secret in town.