South Orange has the distinction of having the Assistant Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator as a member. Lucky us. Which means that if any club should have 100% Every Rotarian Every Year, South Orange is it.

Every Rotarian Every Year is one of Our Rotary Foundation's methods of getting every member involved in the good works that Rotary is doing throughout the world. While we have been promoting every member being a sustaining member ($100 per year) it is equally important to have every member participate in giving to The Rotary Foundation. The new year started July 1. We hae credit for $214 raised through WalkFest that will go to End Polio Now. But we really need to give to the Rotary Foundation. Our goal for 2010-11 is $1000 - that works out to $91 per member. But in order to achieve 100% Sustaining Member status each of our members must give $100 before June 30, 2011. Okay, it's almost October - how do we do that? $11 per month? Please consider donating to Our Rotary Foundation. Every dollar that we give to Our Foundation benefits someone - no dollar goes to waste.

See PDG, ARRFC Janice Teetsell for more information about Our Rotary Foundation.