South Orange Rotary Club Assembly September 4, 2008 12:15 p.m. Café Arugula Meeting called by: Greg LaMorte Type of meeting: Monthly Facilitator: Greg Note taker: Ceola Shelton Timekeeper: Charlie Attendees: Club Agenda Items Topic Presenter Time OPENING BELL  Pledge  Invocation Greg 12:15 PM Editor's Report Melissa 12:20 PM Old business SAS Awards-Baskets-Ads-Sponsors-Invitations-$ Greg 12:25 PM ORDER LUNCH RUBIN 12:30 PM SOFIA VASCHETTO SOFIA 12:35 PM Adopt South Orange Avenue  District Simplified Grant Application Filed Greg 12:45 PM Gov Homecoming  Arrangements at Café Arugula?  $22 # of attendees?  Nov 6 Ceola 12:55 PM Rotary Foundation Sustaining Memberships Greg 1:05 PM Interact Rotaract Stacey 1:10 PM Permanent Mailing list Melissa/Greg 1:22 PM New Business Raffle License Women Helping Women 1:23 PM CLOSING BELL 1:30 PM Other Information Special Guest: Sofia Vaschetto SAS Young Citizen Honoree Special notes: